Thursday, February 11, 2016

Smallpox & Misogyny

Smallpox & Misogyny

They came here looking to escape the disease
To shake off superstition like so many fleas

To flee the church's long and mighty arm
That for centuries had done nothing but bring harm 

To mostly womenfolk who clung to pagan ways,
Who worshipped gods of seasons, moons of nights, suns of days,

Then called the people welcoming them in
To their virgin lands savage redskins. 

And did the same vile and evil things
To them that had been done to them – that's what church brings. 

Destruction, ignorant judgment, pain and death
Came with the so called Christians' deeds and breath

As the hunted turned to hunters having learned
Just how to catch a witch and see her burned. 

They brought this evil with them cross the seas
And drove the so called savages to their knees. 

Their bodies tainted with smallpox disease
And their minds with religion of misogyny. 

LG – 1/21/2016

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