Thursday, December 31, 2015


Susan Smith and Dianne Downs
Are psychos from the same mold. 
Game playing sluts luring their men
Desperate to keep a stronghold. 

The down and dirty lovers' games
That every ho-bag plays
Using their children, expendable pawns
Sacrificing them for a tawdry lay. 
Diane's curly-haired murderer man
Came from her psychotic mind
Who shot her little ones in cold blood
Was the tale for the court she'd wind.
But her surviving daughter told
The truth she actually saw.  
Her mother shot her and her sibs
For her lover had no paternal call. 
Susan Smith was another slut
Who drowned her babies dead
To make herself free to a so-called man
Who only wanted her in bed. 

She strapped them into a car-seat
Then watched their little eyes
As it slowly dawned on them
That their mother's love was all lies. 

Dianne and Susan proceeded to cry
And lie their asses off for days
Feigning heartbreak at the loss of their kids
Until evidence proved their evil ways. 

Now the slut bitches rot in jail
And hopefully later in hell
Where they must look at the eyes of their dead
Babies with no more lies to tell. 
To cover for Mom's murderous deeds
In the quest of landing loser men
The eyes of their children will see right through
As they turn their winged backs to them,

Leaving their so-called mamas to rot
For stealing the lives left in their trust.
The babies now sing and play as angels
Bad memories of moms crumbling to dust.

LG/td – 12/17/2015

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