Saturday, August 1, 2015

View from the Edge of Night

View from the Edge of Night

I was truly down and out
Not a penny to my name
In Englewood Florida in a van
Upon a beach I came. 

I settled into my beach chair
And watched the setting sun
And my last crackers I shared
With the gulls as day was done.

They landed right upon my legs
And nibbled on the bits
And pieces of the snack
And sat a spell, once lit.

I watched the colors of the sun
As it set the sky on fire
At first in pastel purples, pink
But later, lavas pyre

Reddened up the blackening sky
With dramatic, deep blood red
And I sat stunned and watched the show
Until from darkness fled.

Nature's wondrous beauty made me
Realize things would be all right
That stunning beauty held its own
Even at the edge of night. 

Lisa Galloway - 8-1-15

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