Saturday, August 1, 2015


My Eyes are Green Instead of Brown

Put the lenses in your eyes
Show not what you are.
God wouldn't make an anomaly
You're a freak by far. 

But I was born this way I say
Oh no you weren't! Now change!
You're the one that always says
God made us all - how strange.

If I'm a creature of your god
Then how dare you reject me.
If we're made in his image
Whose eyes are right to be?

Hazel, blue, brown or green
Which eyes are the right ones?
In most pictures Christ's are brown
So all others he shuns?

So albino eyes are pink
You hate what god has made?
You'll just beat them shitless
Until they change the shade?

So if people don't conform to words
Writ in a narrow book
You will beat them to conform
To how it says to look. 

Beating someone because they act
On how they truly are?
Ignorance and hate because
A book's words says to bar

Certain people, certain eyes
From superstition long ago
When people thought the earth was flat
When ignorance was status quo.

Then fuck your book for it is foul
It says half the world to shun
It wasn't written by any god
But unenlightened men, was done

And from that slop you pick and choose
The words to fit your schemes
And ignore the glimmers of reason
To shut down others' dreams

Of living in a world that's just
Without religious persecution
My eyes are green so screw your book
It's time for evolution. 

Lisa Galloway - 8-1-2015

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