Saturday, August 1, 2015


From the Heart of the American Bald Eagle

Their eyes look to me for sustenance
Their souls follow mine into the night
Their fear hidden, the secret of their
Pain that dares not cross their lips
For them to soar I must grapple
In a dance for eternity and never lose
But never win just keep my soul
From giving in.

I feel the surge within their hearts
And deep within the very earth beneath our world.
In every schoolchild’s song, in every
Writer’s pen, every artist’s brush stroke
In every musician’s note, in every
Mother’s breast and father’s stride.
There’s nowhere to hide.

I cannot run, and would not even
If the choice was mine to make.
I stand with those I cherish, those
Who stand with me, fly with me,
Claim freedom with me.

And though my mind says fly away
And save myself and soar into the trees
And let them battle for themselves, they’re
Strong enough and I am so, so tired
My heart says come back
To them and help their souls to
Restore peace and their
Consciences to mend.

There is no sunlight on my face to
Make me know that good is in my
Heart but I feel it there, it
Warms me in the desperate hours
Of the gloom when dark is thick
And promises doom.

As long as I draw breath and flap
A wing those I cherish will survive
And keep careful watch as I have
Done so that the evil demons
Will not our souls overrun.


This was originally written for Owl's Eye View Magazine, from the Owl Crone’s point of view, because she is about to battle evil for her beloved town of Owl’s Nest. However, it occurred to me that this could be from the viewpoint of the American Bald Eagle. - LG 8/1/2015


My Eyes are Green Instead of Brown

Put the lenses in your eyes
Show not what you are.
God wouldn't make an anomaly
You're a freak by far. 

But I was born this way I say
Oh no you weren't! Now change!
You're the one that always says
God made us all - how strange.

If I'm a creature of your god
Then how dare you reject me.
If we're made in his image
Whose eyes are right to be?

Hazel, blue, brown or green
Which eyes are the right ones?
In most pictures Christ's are brown
So all others he shuns?

So albino eyes are pink
You hate what god has made?
You'll just beat them shitless
Until they change the shade?

So if people don't conform to words
Writ in a narrow book
You will beat them to conform
To how it says to look. 

Beating someone because they act
On how they truly are?
Ignorance and hate because
A book's words says to bar

Certain people, certain eyes
From superstition long ago
When people thought the earth was flat
When ignorance was status quo.

Then fuck your book for it is foul
It says half the world to shun
It wasn't written by any god
But unenlightened men, was done

And from that slop you pick and choose
The words to fit your schemes
And ignore the glimmers of reason
To shut down others' dreams

Of living in a world that's just
Without religious persecution
My eyes are green so screw your book
It's time for evolution. 

Lisa Galloway - 8-1-2015

View from the Edge of Night

View from the Edge of Night

I was truly down and out
Not a penny to my name
In Englewood Florida in a van
Upon a beach I came. 

I settled into my beach chair
And watched the setting sun
And my last crackers I shared
With the gulls as day was done.

They landed right upon my legs
And nibbled on the bits
And pieces of the snack
And sat a spell, once lit.

I watched the colors of the sun
As it set the sky on fire
At first in pastel purples, pink
But later, lavas pyre

Reddened up the blackening sky
With dramatic, deep blood red
And I sat stunned and watched the show
Until from darkness fled.

Nature's wondrous beauty made me
Realize things would be all right
That stunning beauty held its own
Even at the edge of night. 

Lisa Galloway - 8-1-15